New Village Initiative Announces Mission To Create 2 Million Jobs


Bay Hill Ventures today announced a major investment in job creation under its New Village Initiative group.


Gary Beeman, CEO of Bay Hill Ventures and founder of NVI stated:  “It has become clear to most observers that US and global economic understructures are fragile.  Most of this weakness can be traced back to lower wages, underemployment, higher welfare spending, and the resultant loss of tax base and retail consumption.  Over the past few decades, off-shoring, out-sourcing, automation, large-scale merger and acquisition activities, and a short-term focus on quarterly performance and short-term investor returns have resulted in loss of the middle sector of the job economy - precisely the people that fuel a healthy consumption economy.  To rebuild what has been lost, the private sector has to drive new head of household job creation – the government can’t do it and we shouldn’t expect them to.  Over the last 30 years we and countless other entrepreneurial teams have proven that it is possible to create new, profitable companies with high shareholder returns that can provide full incomes to feed families, pay taxes, and support their communities.  It is now time to multiply and provide incentives to those efforts before the current financial system can't support itself.  Together with all like-minded people, we are focusing the New Village Initiative fund in the areas that most directly affect the human condition - Food, Shelter, Health, Education, Energy, and Arts/Recreation. “

“Our philosophy is to deploy capital where it can clearly help people help themselves and in industries that can support families long-term.  The best way to help people is to give them an opportunity to be a productive and self-sufficient part of society – that means create lasting head of household jobs.  US companies and private investors are starting to realize that some of the recent massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper 1% needs to be re-invested back into lost jobs - and it is creating the most exciting investment opportunity we have seen since the Great Depression.  It is important for all of us to help drive this mission to rebuild the lost middle-class economy and long-term jobs that our country was originally built on.  

Beeman added, “By conventional standards our strategy appears to be backwards - we have to design companies not around a financial goal of a few,  but around long-term employment creation.  That process requires reverse thinking – what products and services can support permanent middle-income or higher jobs for 100 years or more?  What industries will be important on a planet with runaway population growth?  If we fund companies that produce valuable products and essential services that require long-term human talent and creativity, we can succeed in any market area we enter- and assure long-term income stability and continuous returns for investors.  

"Investors are now beginning to understand the power of steady, predictable, admirable returns – not high-risk short-term returns subject to market emotions and sudden losses.  "Quick- hit" investments that receive the most media attention actually displace value and disrupt long-term economy and corporate health.   The New Village investment structure allows pure focus on the well-being of long-term customers and employees.  That’s the only way to deliver a good shareholder return permanently and a growing economy that supports itself - while providing employees a great place to work with good benefits and the ability to feed and care for their families without struggling or burdening the economy.  When you study the numbers the resultant economic multiplier is staggering - if we all participate we can restore a fundamentally sound and growing economy in a few years, not decades.   

Currently funded projects include ventures in Health and Wellness (Self-care initiatives: Targeted Nutraceuticals, Tele-health, Low-cost healthcare services); Arts/Recreation; (human, electric, and wind-powered sports vehicles, eArts programs), Education (Vocation-specific e-learning), Shelter (eco-friendly modular buildings and New Village Communities), Food (local-to-global farmer-grown food distribution, Neighborhood General Stores), and Energy (Self-contained waste systems, off-grid projects).


NVI invites anyone with an interest to join the mission - as a supporter, an investor, an entrepreneur with a new company idea, an existing company, or someone seeking an exciting long-term job.  New Village Initiative provides a wide range of investor opportunities through its Private Equity funds, crowd-sourcing platforms, and New Village Initiative projects.  Investments can be in a general job-growth NVI fund or in specific project investments.  For further information, contact New Village Initiative at www.NewVillageInitiative.com/