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NVI Hybrid Concrete Technology is changing the housing industry. Our Advanced Green Construction Technologies enable lower cost, higher performance construction material products for housing, commercial buildings, roads, bridges and infrastructure projects globally.


Lower Cost, Higher Performance

NVI AMG's proven construction materials are paving the way for a greener future

Lower Housing Cost

5X Lower Labor Installation

Save Time + Materials


Lighter + Faster = 

Affordable Housing


  • Lower cost housing – up to 30% savings

  • 20-70% Lighter concrete

  • 5x faster Housing Construction: Key to Affordable Housing


Better for the Environment,

Better for the Bottom Line


  • Lower Carbon Footprint

  • Higher wind, Earthquake, Fire and Insulation Ratings

  • Concrete block and panels require no masons and no insulation, saving time and money

NewRoad® Green Hybrid Concrete Additives

NewRoad® polymers bring new capabilities to concrete while reducing its carbon footprint and emissions significantly. Precisely engineered and manufactured NewRoad® aggregate replacement produces lightweight, high tensile and compression strength mixes that hydrate quickly; absorb vibration and sound; and add insulation R-value to walls, floors, ceilings and roofs - all while repurposing waste plastic and industrial polymers.  For example, a standard 32 lb. concrete block with NewRoad® can weigh as little as 12 lbs. while retaining structural strength.     


The Science Behind it

Concrete is the second most widely-used material in the world next to water, and if the concrete industry were a country, it would be the third largest carbon-dioxide emitter in the world.  NVI Advanced Materials Group uses Recycled Hybrid-Polymer/Plastic-based additives, which eliminate the need for conventional concrete additives while cleaning up plastic waste and the environment.

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NewRoad® additives are scientifically designed, highly-engineered blends of recycled industrial and structural polymers.



  • Lightweight concrete: faster, cheaper, more per truckload 

  • Lego Assembly: two humans can build a house

  • Fire, hurricane, mold, water, earthquake, and sound-proof

  • Beads Provide High R-Factor = no insulation cost 

  • Block requires no mortar, no masonry labor cost

  • Eliminate furring strips, vapor barrier & labor costs

  • Hurricane proof internal concrete/rebar grid

  • 20-70% lighter than normal block = lower cost shipping

  • Less cement = less pollution

  • Typical 4000-5600 psi strength vs. 4000 psi standard

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