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Advanced Materials Group:
Paving the way.


We use recycled materials to create a more durable asphalt and concrete that lasts longer. Our NewRoad™  technology is based on highly engineered recycled industrial polymers and is used in DOT, county and city roads, and in commercial parking lots and driveways and commercial and residential construction.

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More Resilient Roads.

Cost Effective Parking Lots.

Longer-Lasting Driveways.

A more sustainable future.

Infrastructure and new construction projects are environmentally intensive and are an always-critical need in our world.


NewRoad technology captures polymers that would otherwise end up in landfills and repurposes them to create roads, parking lots, driveways and homes that are more resilient, needing fewer repairs and less frequent replacement for a brighter future.


Public & Private Sector Applications






Reduced rutting and greater resiliency.

Lower thickness required, lowering project costs

Reduced cracking and increased life.

Reduced construction time, lower cost.

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